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12/1 Reading (2 Chronicles 7-9; Romans 16)

2 Chronicles 7: After Solomon concluded his prayer in the previous chapter God sends down fire from heaven as a sign. We then learn about a big celebration amongst the people. Finally, this chapter ends with Solomon meeting God a second time. In this meeting God tells Solomon that he will work listen to the people when they pray in the temple and he will honor his vow to David as long as Solomon and his successors continue to follow God’s commands. As we learned earlier, that doesn’t happen.

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11/29 Reading (2 Chronicles 1-3; Romans 14)

Introduction to 2 Chronicles: This book begins with the Solomon’s reign and shifts to focus on the history of Judah during the divided monarchy and exile. I noticed that there is no mention of the Northern Kingdom in the introduction. This comes from the NRSV introduction: “The writer excludes the independent history of the Northern Kingdom because he regards both the kingship and the sanctuaries of this new state as an affront to God (13.4–12)” (p. 617). Kinda harsh.

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11/28 Reading (1 Chronicles 28-29; Romans 13)

1 Chronicles 28: As I read the notes to this chapter I was reminded of the fact that I’m surprised that there is so much difference between Chronicles and what was in Samuel and Kings. It’s most likely because the Chronicler wants to put people like David in a better light, but that doesn’t make it right. For example, the notes for this chapter point out that in 2nd Samuel, it wasn’t entirely clear at first who would succeed David. There was even an attempt of a rebellion by Adonijah. In 1st Chronicles, David apparently made it clear that Solomon would be his successor.

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