11/23 Reading (1 Chronicles 16-18; Romans 10)

1 Chronicles 16: David establishes worship and offers a lengthy song of praise to God.

1 Chronicles 17: Notes from the CEB Study Bible call this chapter “the central chapter in the book of Chronicles, containing God’s promise to David and his house as related through Nathan’s oracle. The author carries forward the significance of the promise in the rest of the book” (p. 647 OT).

This chapter mirrors what happened in 2 Samuel 7 when David recognizes that he is in a palace and the Ark is in pretty much a tent. He wants to build God a temple and the prophet Nathan tells him to do that. Soon after this God told Nathan to not let David build the temple.

1 Chronicles 18: Emphasis is on many of the military conquests early in David’s reign. And there are a lot. God was definitely on his side.

Romans 10: It seems to me that in this chapter Paul is imploring his people, that is Jews and Romans (considering that he was a Jew and is still a Roman), to accept Jesus as their savior in order to achieve righteousness and salvation. He repeatedly points out that the Gentiles have reached this position because they accepted Jesus as lord.

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