Monthly Archives: November 2017

11/11 Reading (2 Kings 13-15; Psalms 60-64)

2 Kings 13: Jehu’s son, Jehoahaz, became king of Israel. This was followed by Joash. Elisha dies in this chapter, but it’s unclear who follows him. The chapter ends with description of God displaying compassion towards Israel while they are being mistreated by Aram.

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11/10 Reading (2 Kings 10-12; Romans 1)

2 Kings 10: Jehu continues his violent ways and kills Ahab’s family, cementing his rule over Israel. He then kills Baal worshippers, this eliminating Baal from Israel. However, he continues in evil ways and continues to sin against God. We continue to see the downfall of Israel.

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11/8 Reading (2 Kings 4-6; Galatians 5)

2 Kings 4: The next three chapters focus on Elisha. They describe different stories focusing on his powers as a prophet. This chapter focuses on his helping his people. He helps a widow who was married to a member of his group of prophets. Some people she owes money want to take her children away and make them slaves as payment. Elisha solves this problem.

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