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Visit to the Bible Collection at the Stuttgart Library


Today I met with Dr. Christian Herrmann, the head of the Historical Collections department at the Württembergische Landesbibliothek (State Library of Württemberg). I reached out to him a little over a week ago to see if I could set up a visit to look at the Bible Collection, which he also oversees. I was expecting a simple visit where he would set me up in a room with a few editions and let me just look over them. I was in for a surprise. He took me downstairs to the full collection and spent almost 2 hours with me showing me several different versions of the Bible.

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1/27 Reading (Job 7-9; Psalms 79-81)

During the BINY class today (1/28), I remembered a conversation I had with one of my F3 brothers when my stepmother passed away. My stepmother made the tragic decision to take her own life in April 2015. It was and still is a challenging situation for my family, especially my father and me. One F3 brother, probably trying to console me, said that her death was part of “God’s plan” and that we just need to understand his plan. I remember how much that bothered me. The notion that God wanted my stepmother to take her life did not sit well with me. Thankfully I don’t agree with this person that this is how God works in our lives, but I’m amazed that people think this. I hear the phrase “it’s all part of God’s plan” all the time, but I can’t recall someone taking it to this extreme.

On to my thoughts about the readings.

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An update to the schedule

I decided to make an update to the schedule. I had slowly gotten further and further behind and began to feel more pressure. I reflected on this and realized a very important thing: this is my experience. There is no medal given at the end just because I finished reading the Bible in a year. So what if it takes me longer. The goal of this experience to actually get something out of it. For me to get something out of it. I began to feel so much pressure that I didn’t think I was actually getting something out of it. I say this because it is possible that the schedule could change again in the future. This is a very challenging experience and I want to make sure I learn something. Just in case someone is actually reading this thing, I’ve bolded the line where things changed on the schedule page.

What do I believe?

I was running earlier today with a good friend of mine and we were talking about the Bible study. We started talking about what people believe when it comes to the Bible. I mentioned how most in the Episcopal Church view the Bible (not as a literal document) and he said something along the lines of I didn’t have to just believe what the Episcopal Church says I should believe. That got me thinking and led to this post: What do I believe? I anticipate that my answers to this question will change throughout this experience, but I thought I’d take a crack at it now.

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