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Isaiah 25-27; Psalm 102-103

Isaiah 25: The banquet of the Lord of hosts. This chapter is a complete 180 from the previous chapter. Whereas Isaiah 24 focused on the total destruction of the Earth, this chapter focuses on celebration. The first part of this chapter praises God’s actions, the good and the bad. Isaiah praises God for how he treats the least fortunate people as well as how he destroyed those who strayed, acknowledging that this will make others fear God.

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Isaiah 13-15; Psalms 99-101

Isaiah 13: Even though I am struggling with Isaiah a little bit, I really do need to get into the history of this book. I need to figure out what scholars have learned about the historical setting of this book.

This chapter is about the overthrow of Babylon. We learn in the beginning that God intends to unleash his fury on Babylon. God will put together a huge army to take out Babylon. There is a lot of description here about the horrible things that will help to these people. It’s kind of intense. For example, this is pretty intense: “Their infants will be crushed before their eyes; their houses plundered, their women raped” (CEB, v. 16, p. 1114 OT). DAMN!

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9/8 Reading (Isaiah 1-3; Psalms 97-98)

Introduction to Isaiah: This is the first of the prophetic books. Introduction in CEB makes this book sound pretty interesting. I want to get into the text, but I need to definitely reread this later. In fact, I think that once I’m done and start to explore writing a book, I will come back to all of the introductions to each individual book, the introductions to different sections in the Bible, and the additional essays from each Bible. And I’ll read this source (here).

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3/3 Reading (Proverbs 1-3; Psalm 89)

To anyone reading this, if you don’t have a study bible, get one! I recommend either the CEB study bible or the NRSV study bible. Both are very interesting.

Introduction to Proverbs: The CEB study bible has a nice introduction to Proverbs. I especially like part of it. Instead of rewriting the whole part, I’m just going to include a screenshot below (p. 1006 OT):

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