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11/8 Reading (2 Kings 4-6; Galatians 5)

2 Kings 4: The next three chapters focus on Elisha. They describe different stories focusing on his powers as a prophet. This chapter focuses on his helping his people. He helps a widow who was married to a member of his group of prophets. Some people she owes money want to take her children away and make them slaves as payment. Elisha solves this problem.

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11/6 Reading (1 Kings 22; Galatians 3)

1 Kings 22: Ahab meets Judah’s king Jehoshaphat. Ahab goes to war again with Aram, but this time God is not on his side and he loses, dying in battle. We then learn about how long Jehoshaphat rules Judah and how long Ahad’s son, Ahaziah, rules Israel.

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11/2 Reading (1 Kings 13-15; Galatians 1)

1 Kings 13: This is a really strange story about Jeroboam and a man of God. We are never told his name. The man of God successfully predicts something in front of Jeroboam almost in what seemed to be an attempt to make him leave his evil ways. The man of God then leaves and refuses to eat or drink with Jeroboam because God explicitly told him not to. He then leaves town and is approached by another prophet who tricks him into returning to his home and eating and drinking. God gets angry and a lion kills the man of God on his way back home. The old prophet gets his body and buries him in his own grave and mourns his death.

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