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9/21 Reading (Joshua 10-12; 2 Thessalonians 2)

Joshua 10: Chapter is all about Israel’s victories in the south over the five kings. The kings are all executed. One question I do have comes from this verse: “Isn’t this written in the Jashar scroll?” (CEB Study Bible, p. 343 OT; Joshua 10.13) What’s the Jashar scroll? According to the notes it is “an ancient source mentioned also in 2 Samuel 1:18. The origin and contents of the scroll are unknown, but apparently it contained at least these two poems and perhaps others” (p. 343 OT).

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8/3 Reading (Exodus 31-34; Luke 24)

Yesterday I found out that I’m a finalist for the Sinai and Synapses fellowship. It’s a two year program where I would study and learn from others about science and religion. My interview is next Monday (8/7) and I’m excited about the possibility of doing this.

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7/12 Reading (Genesis 25-27; Luke 8)

NOTE: I had a lot to say on this reading today.

Genesis 25: In this chapter Abraham remarries and has many children with his new wife. Abraham then dies and is buried with his first wife, Sarah. The text then explains Ishmael and his descendants followed by Isaac and his descendants, twin boys named Esau and Jacob. While Esau was a strong and gifted hunter, Jacob was clearly smarter and cleverer than Esau. At the end of this chapter, Jacob makes Esau give over his birthright for food.

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