Introduction to Deuteronomy

Introduction to Deuteronomy: I’m always fascinated by the introduction section to each book. Even if I don’t have much to say about what I’ve read, I still find it very interesting. The NRSV study bible provides extensive detail about each book in the introduction. Discussion of authorship, date, and historical context always intrigue me. It makes me want to read more about each book in the Bible. Just to better understand all of this stuff is really interesting to me. For example, it’s really interesting that the structure and messages in Deuteronomy match other historical documents from other cultures, such as the Vassal Treaty of Esarhaddon (672 bce) (p. 248).

One other thing is that I saw in the notes that there are four headings that organize this book. First heading is at 1.1 (Introducing Deuteronomy). It is the start of Moses’ first speech. Second heading is at 4.44 (Recounting the Horeb covenant). Third heading is at 29.1 (The new covenant at Moab). Fourth heading is at 33.1 (Moses’ blessing).

I’m excited about starting another book.

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