9/4 Reading (Deuteronomy 1-3; Acts 22)

Deuteronomy 1-3: I decided to combine these three here since it is all the same narrative. Moses gives a synopsis of their 40 year journey in these three chapters. This is his first of three speeches in this book. Nice little summary here and it ends with Moses reminding everyone that he too will not be allowed to enter the promised land.

Acts 22: Paul offers his first defense. He is given permission by the Roman commander to address the people. He tells his story of when he was Saul and he delivered Christians to the authorities to be punished for following Jesus. He explained that he was a Jew. When he tells them that God sent him to see the Gentiles, the crowd went nuts and said “He’s not fit to live!” (Acts 23.21 (CEB Study Bible)). The commander orders his men to whip him and question him. Paul tells them that he is a Roman citizen, so they stop. The chapter ends with the commander taking Paul before the Jewish council.

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