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9/19 Reading (Isaiah 7-9; Matthew 9-10)

Isaiah 7: Here we see the beginning of a story of Ahaz, King in Jerusalem, who is fearful of attacks from Israel and Aram. God tells Isaiah that he will protect him and to trust in him. Ahaz says that he will not test the Lord. Now I took this as a good thing, but according to the notes, Isaiah viewed this as Ahaz not trusting God.

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9/8 Reading (Isaiah 1-3; Psalms 97-98)

Introduction to Isaiah: This is the first of the prophetic books. Introduction in CEB makes this book sound pretty interesting. I want to get into the text, but I need to definitely reread this later. In fact, I think that once I’m done and start to explore writing a book, I will come back to all of the introductions to each individual book, the introductions to different sections in the Bible, and the additional essays from each Bible. And I’ll read this source (here).

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