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9/2 Reading (Numbers 36; Psalms 28-31)

NOTE: I’m still having a hard time with the Psalms. I can’t really explain why and I’m not really sure what to do. 

Numbers 36: Back to Zelophehad’s daughters. I was happy with the decision made to give them land in chapter 27. Definitely pretty cool. Then…we get to this chapter. Other elders worry that if they marry into a different tribe, their land will go to their husbands and that tribe instead of staying with their ancestral tribe. Moses and God agree this is a problem, God rules that their land must stay with their ancestral tribe. So…if they want to keep the land, they have to marry within their tribe. The women agree and marry first cousins.

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9/1 Reading (Numbers 33-35; Acts 21)

Numbers 33: Chapter is a retelling of the journey up to this point. Nothing much to add…just that they’ve walked a long way and have been traveling for a long time. Although, at the end God made it clear that they must drive out all the people who currently live in Canaan. If not, they will continue to be a problem for the Israelites.

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8/31 Reading (Numbers 30-32; Acts 20)

Numbers 30: Now we get into the importance of making vows and what that means. A fitting read considering how much all of us make and eventually break some of our vows/promises. I do think it’s interesting that it takes just one verse to address men’s vows, but 13 verses to address women’s vows.

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8/30 Reading (Numbers 27-29; Acts 19)

Numbers 27: I like that the first part of this chapter focuses on the daughters of Zelophehad, who didn’t have any sons. I think it’s pretty cool that they had the courage to approach Moses and request inheritance. Then God explained the ordinance/rules that need to be considered in case a man has no sons, or no children, or…and so on. This seems very progressive/modern for that time.

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