8/28 Reading (Numbers 21-23; Acts 17)

Numbers 21: Israelites are on their way to Canaan and fight several groups, winning both battles.

Numbers 22: Start of the story of Balaam. Balak, leader of another group, asked Balaam for help against the Israelites. God comes to Balaam and tells him not to help. He then tells Balaam to go to Balak, but do exactly what God says.

Numbers 23: Balaam’s first three oracles that he shares with Balak. He makes it clear that he is following God and will not fight the Israelites.

Acts 17: Paul and company leave Asia Minor and head to Europe. According to some notes, the church is now becoming more Gentile than Jewish. It seems things were the same here as elsewhere. He’s in Athens for this part. He fled another location because of safety concerns, mostly from the Jews and other people of authority.

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