8/29 Reading (Numbers 24-26; Acts 18)

Numbers 24: The end of the story with Balaam and Balak. Balaam leaves and goes back home, arguing that he will not fight the Israelites because God is on their side and he won’t go against. God. Smart guy!

Numbers 25: Some Israelite men start to sleep with some foreign women. This didn’t go over well because they actually started to worship their Gods. Many were killed as a message to everyone else.

So with all my skimming and trouble with this book, I completely forgot that the generation that left Egypt was dying off because of a “plague” from God. Although, I did remember that God said none of them would live to see Canaan. The plague ends in this chapter with the deaths of those who had sexual relations with the foreign women.

Numbers 26: A second census occurs. This is done to determine the size of land each tribe would get when they arrive to their final destination. As with the earlier census, the Levites were recorded separately from the rest. Interesting that they weren’t to be given land. As God promised earlier in Numbers, only two people remain from the first generation that left Egypt, Caleb and Joshua (and of course Moses).

Acts 18: Now we get to Corinth. Another indication that I don’t have a good understanding of the Bible…I didn’t remember that Corinth was a location. As with Athens, Paul faces pushback and threats from those in charge. He continues to preach to the Gentiles and more of them continue to join him and believe in Jesus. The chapter ends with an introduction to Apollos, a Jew who believed in Jesus and went to Ephesus to preach about him.

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