12/9 Reading (2 Chronicles 29-31; Psalms 73-74)

2 Chronicles 29: This is the first of four chapters focusing on Ahaz’s son, Hezekiah. According to the CEB study bible notes this length is second to only David and Solomon, indicated the Chronicler felt Hezekiah’s reign was pretty good. This chapter focuses on his work to restore the Temple. He establishes rules again and rededicated the temple to God.

2 Chronicles 30: This chapter focuses on Hezekiah leading the people in a celebration of Passover. The first part of this chapter focuses on preparation for Passover including his invitation to the northern tribes. The second part describes Passover itself. It was a time of intense celebration and happiness.

I actually just read something about how German and British soldiers agreed to a temporary truce in 1914 (WW I) on Christmas day and celebrated together. I had read that before, but that is such an incredible story.

2 Chronicles 31: In this chapter Hezekiah reestablished the priestly and levitical divisions. He implemented reforms to make sure temple worship was funded and included the necessary personnel.

Psalm 73: The first psalm of Book 3. The notes in the CEB study bible indicate that this psalm is usually identified as a wisdom psalm, but it turns into a prayer that “functions like a profession of faith” (p. 919 OT) at verse 15.

Psalm 74: According to the notes this psalm is “a communal prayer for help, which probably originated with the fall of Jerusalem in 587 BCE (see Ps 44)” (p. 921 OT). Initially the psalmist points out his/her complaints and the suffering they are enduring during this troubling time. They then stress God’s power historically. In a sense, they are buttering him up. The psalm ends with the psalmist asking God to not forget them during this troubling time.

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