11/2 Reading (1 Kings 13-15; Galatians 1)

1 Kings 13: This is a really strange story about Jeroboam and a man of God. We are never told his name. The man of God successfully predicts something in front of Jeroboam almost in what seemed to be an attempt to make him leave his evil ways. The man of God then leaves and refuses to eat or drink with Jeroboam because God explicitly told him not to. He then leaves town and is approached by another prophet who tricks him into returning to his home and eating and drinking. God gets angry and a lion kills the man of God on his way back home. The old prophet gets his body and buries him in his own grave and mourns his death.

So, I’m just a tad bit confused with this story. The notes indicate this story is meant to underline the “theme of obedience to the Lord’s word” which was introduced in the previous chapter.

1 Kings 14: This chapter begins a discussion of the different kings who ruled the two kingdoms, Israel and Judah. Jeroboam’s son Abijah dies because of his evil deeds introduced in 1 Kings 12. He is succeeded by his other son Nadab. Rehoboam (Judah) ends up doing bad things and God gets mad. He dies and succeeded by his son Abijam.

1 Kings 15: Abijam (Judah) leads for a short amount of time because he does bad things just like his dad. He is followed by Asa, who rights things, finally!! Back to Israel, Nadab rules for a short amount of time because he is killed by Baasha.

Introduction to Galatians: The introduction really intrigues me. First, I find it fascinating that this book deals with the role of Judaism toward the Gentiles who were “recruited” by Paul. More specifically I find these questions addressed in the NRSV intro intriguing: “Should Gentile Christians convert to Judaism in the process of becoming Christians? Were they required to observe the Jewish law, at least in part?” (p. 2041) Second, the fact that it’s unclear when this was written is also interesting. Just more cool info.

The intro in the CEB study bible adds some more important info. First, I like the following question: “Is faith in what God has done in Christ sufficient for salvation, or is something else required” (p. 354 NT)? This is the question that Paul addresses in this text. Second, the intro gives a nice description of the purpose of this book:

“First, he [Paul] reviews the events of his past to show the Galatians he received his gospel and apostleship from God and Jesus Christ rather than from humans. Therefore, the Galatians can rely on the gospel he preached to them. Second, he explains that the Galatians are Abraham’s children because they’ve been baptized into Christ and received the gift of the Spirit. Therefore, they don’t need to be circumcised. Finally, Paul argues that even though the Galatians are not under the Law’s authority, they fulfill the Law by practicing the love commandment through the power of the Spirit.” (p. 354 NT)

Galatians 1: Paul discusses his background and how he used to be against Jesus Christ until Jesus visited him and he converted. He didn’t immediately go to see the Apostles, but instead focused on spreading the word of Jesus to others, including the Gentiles.

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