11/24 Reading (1 Chronicles 19-21; Romans 11)

1 Chronicles 19: David’s conquests over the Arameans and the Ammonites. They fall easily.

1 Chronicles 20: I find it really interesting that the Chronicler left out key details when summarizing the events up to that time. This chapter focuses on the time David remains in Jerusalem and conveniently leaves out the story of his affair with Bathsheba. As in, the Chronicler seems to have just wanted to portray David in a more positive light. This makes me think of the different people I’ve encountered who only promote the positive parts of the Bible. They fail to present the full picture. Instead they focus on supporting their narrative. Propaganda at its finest. Also reminds me of politics. I get that this is typically how the world works and I don’t want anyone to think I’m being naive, but it doesn’t make it right.

1 Chronicles 21: David is convinced by Satan to count the people in his lands, which his general disagreed with and also made God mad. God tells David to choose a punishment. Initially he chooses one that leads to the death of thousands of his people. David then realizes this is wrong and asks to be the only one punished.

Romans 11: Paul makes it clear to the Israelites that God has not rejected them, instead they have stumbled. He stress that Jewish unbelief is temporary so God can bring salvation to the the Gentiles. Paul argues that this will hopefully make them jealous enough to accept Jesus as savior. He then goes into a discussion of an olive tree (which actually confused me quite a bit-I’ll need to come back to this one). He also warns the Gentiles not to be too prideful. Finally, he tells the Jews that all of Israel will be saved when Jesus returns (I think?).

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