11/25 Reading (1 Chronicles 22-24; Psalms 68-69)

1 Chronicles 22: David prepares for the construction of the temple. He brings his son, Solomon, to the area and tells him that he will be the one to build the temple because God told David that he had spilled too much blood. David also prepares his generals for Solomon.

1 Chronicles 23: Solomon becomes king as David grows old. David splits up the Levites group into three separate groups and gives them their new responsibilities when it come to the temple and the ark. As with some of the early chapters in this book, the family of the Levites is presented here.

1 Chronicles 24: Explanation of David’s priestly appointments into 24 divisions.

Psalm 68: And yet another psalm offering praise on God and his strength.

Psalm 69: There’s a shift in focus from the 4 previous psalms. Instead of just praising God, the psalter asks God for help. It seems like this was written during a time of hardship in the region. I’m not sure if this was written during the time of the exile, but it was clearly written when Judah was in trouble based on the following verse: “God will most certainly save Zion and will rebuild Judah’s cities so that God’s servants can live there and possess it” (69:35).

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