11/22 Reading (1 Chronicles 13-15; Romans 9)

1 Chronicles 13: This chapter is about the first time that David tried to move the Ark. I find it interesting that the version told here doesn’t exactly match the first time we learn about David’s attempt to move the Ark in 2 Samuel 6. I thought the Chronicler had access to the original sources.

1 Chronicles 14: David’s kingship is established in Jerusalem. He also defeats the Philistines in Jerusalem.

1 Chronicles 15: David prepares to move the Ark to Jerusalem and then finally moves the Ark to Jerusalem.

Romans 9: There’s a lot to unpack in this chapter and I’m probably going to need some help. Paul seems to be telling people that even if it seems like God’s word has failed, that is actually not the case. He then gives several examples from the OT supporting his argument that God can pretty much do whatever he wants to do. Everything depends on God and his desire to show mercy. It doesn’t depend on our efforts during life. This seems to not align with the notion of free will. It seems that based on what I’m reading here, God holds all the strings and we are either lucky or not. I wonder if I’m just completely off on this. However, the chapter ends with reference to the fact that the Gentiles have found righteousness through their faith and Israel didn’t achieve this because they didn’t go through faith.

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