12/1 Reading (2 Chronicles 7-9; Romans 16)

2 Chronicles 7: After Solomon concluded his prayer in the previous chapter God sends down fire from heaven as a sign. We then learn about a big celebration amongst the people. Finally, this chapter ends with Solomon meeting God a second time. In this meeting God tells Solomon that he will work listen to the people when they pray in the temple and he will honor his vow to David as long as Solomon and his successors continue to follow God’s commands. As we learned earlier, that doesn’t happen.

2 Chronicles 8: This chapter describes Solomon’s buildings and all his prosperity. Again with the wealth and success.

2 Chronicles 9: Here we get the story of the Queen of Sheba and her attempts to test Solomon to see how wise he truly was. We then learn more about his wealth (again). The chapter ends with a description of the end of Solomon’s reign.

Romans 16: I like how this final chapter of Romans starts with Paul showing respect to Phoebe, a woman. This definitely doesn’t seem to align with at least what history seems to say about the treatment of women during this time frame. He then says hello to many friends in Rome, warns the people again about staying away from those who seek to create divisions, sends greetings from his coworkers, and offers a final prayer.

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