10/24 Reading (2 Samuel 13-15; 2 Corinthians 7)

2 Samuel 13: The downward spiral in David’s house continues. In this chapter, his son, Amnon, rapes his half-sister Tamar. He does this because he loves her, but after he rapes her, he despises her. She flees back to her brother, Absalom, who takes her in and protects her. David gets angry with Amnon, but doesn’t do anything. Two years later Absalom tricks Amnon into coming to his house and he kills Amnon. The other princes flee. Absalom fled and hides until David forgives him a few years later.

2 Samuel 14: Joab tricks David into realizing he need to bring Absalom back to Israel. He does it and after a few years, agrees to finally see Absalom. David kisses him and forgives him.

2 Samuel 15: Absalom begins to undermine David’s power over the people. He slowly wins their hearts and they begin to believe in him instead of David. Absalom does this by tricking and lying to the people. When David heard that the people were now following Absalom instead of him, he fled Jerusalem instead of confronting Absalom. I’m not entire sure as to why he chose to flee.

2 Corinthians 7: The beginning of this chapter is the end of Paul’s message in the previous chapter about opening their hearts to him and his companions. The remaining parts of this chapter focus on the letter of tears that he sent to the Corinthians (apparently this happened between First and Second Corinthians). He tells them of the good news his companion Titus brought to him about how they received that letter.

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