10/25 Reading (2 Samuel 16-18; 2 Corinthians 8)

2 Samuel 16: More troubles for David. He is cursed by Shimei, a man from the same clan as Saul’s family. Back in Jerusalem, Absalom asks Ahithophel to give him advice. He tells Absalom to have sex with David’s secondary wives that he left behind in the palace when he fled. He has sex with all of them in a tent on the roof so everyone can see them.

So the other day I saw a post on twitter that I found interesting. It’s related to all of the sexual harassment claims emerging out of Hollywood right now. The individual said “There’s no limit to the scandals you’ll never be a part of by staying sober and adhering to biblical sexual ethics.” Thankfully this person was taken to task by several people who pointed out the amount of sexual abuse in the Bible. It made me think “Has this person actually read the Bible?”

2 Samuel 17: Ahithophel advised Absalom to attack David. He said he would lead the attack with 12,000 men, but only kill David, not any of his troops. David’s friend, Hushai, who had returned to Jerusalem, suggested a different idea. He told Absalom to gather troops from each tribe and march on David and his soldiers. He told him to kill all of them. Absalom likes this idea better. Little did he know that Hushai warned David of this plot after he suggested it, so David and his warriors were able to cross over the river and get better prepared for the upcoming battle. Ahithophel went home and hung himself since Absalom didn’t follow his advice. That’s kinda strange, but ok.

2 Samuel 18: Absalom and David’s soldiers fight. David told everyone to make sure that Absalom is not killed. David’s army won and Joab killed Absalom while he was stuck in a tree. He did this even though one of his soldiers reminded him that he wasn’t to harm Absalom. David hears the news and mourns for Absalom.

2 Corinthians 8: Paul starts his encouragement of the people to give generously to those in need in Jerusalem.

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