10/23 Reading (2 Samuel 10-12; 2 Corinthians 6)

2 Samuel 10: David goes to war with the Ammonites and Arameans after the Ammonites disrespect him. They lose and become servants to David.

2 Samuel 11: David commits adultery by sleeping with Bathsheba, who is married to Uriah, one of David’s officers. She gets pregnant. David brings home Uriah with the hope that he will sleep with his wife and the baby can be passed off as his. He doesn’t do this. David plots to make sure he dies in battle with the help of Joab. David takes Bathsheba as his wife and she has a son. God gets mad at David because of his actions. Rightfully so.

2 Samuel 12: David is punished by God for his actions. Ultimately his son with Bathsheba dies because God says it will happen. This is directly because of David’s sins. David and Bathsheba conceive another son and this ends up being Solomon. Finally, we learn that the Ammonites are defeated.

2 Corinthians 6: Paul summarizes his defense of their efforts to bring God’s word to the people. He then calls them to relationship and holiness, addressing the importance of making good decisions as a person of faith. He directly asks them to “open their hearts” He warns them not to be with people who don’t believe as well as reminding them of some of the rules from the OT (i.e. don’t worship false idols, don’t touch what is unclean, etc.)

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