Additional thoughts on 2 Cor. 3

I’ve talked with several people about 2 Cor. 3 and my original thoughts on it (see here). I just want to get that info down so I can refer to it later.

Clergy Member

  • Paul’s basic message all the time is that the law brings death. Mostly because we can’t follow it and so if we depend on it, we die. Not that it is outdated, but served its purpose.
  • Paul is also saying that Moses got to see God face to face and had to veil his face because the Israelites couldn’t take the glory. But now they get to see the fullness of God in the Spirit. The veil of the temple was torn at Jesus death.

Friend 1

  • The old testament laws created by the Pharisees cannot lead you to eternal life, they will do the opposite. Paul is also saying that eternal life is only possible through Jesus Christ.
  • Additionally, Paul is saying that the rules added by people after Moses brought down the Ten Commandments will only bring you “death.” Christ and the Holy Spirit coming to earth free’d us from man made laws.
  • Paul is speaking to how people do not accept Jesus as God, thus they are blind (veiled) to this fact.

Friend 2

  • Verses 7-11 is comparing the ministry of death (the law, the 10 commandments) to the ministry of the Spirit (Jesus). If the old law had glory, causing Moses to have to cover his face when he came from meeting with God, much more glory will the ministry of the Spirit have.
  • Verses 12-18 states that we (Christians) have a hope and can boldly approach the throne of God because of Jesus (Hebrews 4:14-16). Jesus has torn the veil in two (Mark 15:38) and we are transformed into a new person in Christ. We no longer have to hide our face as Moses did.
  • Additionally, in the OT, the Priest could only approach God and go into the holy of holies at certain times. Now we can approach God through Jesus at any time.



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