10/19 Reading (2 Samuel 1-3; 2 Corinthians 4)

Introduction to 2 Samuel: I wanted to record some information about 1 and 2 Samuel in the introduction to 1 Samuel, but I forgot. So, here are a few things I wanted to share. According to the notes in the CEB study bible, the books of samuel can be organized into seven segments:

  1. Samuel the prophet and the corruption of the House of Eli (1 Sam. 1-3; 7)
  2. The story of the Lord’s covenant chest (1 Sam. 4-6)
  3. The establishment of kingship and the choosing of Saul (1 Sam. 8-15)
  4. The rise of David (1 Sam. 16.1 – 2 Sam. 5.10)
  5. David on the throne (2 Sam. 5.11 – 10.19)
  6. The court history of David (2 Sam 11-20)
  7. Final Davidic traditions (2 Sam 21-24)

2 Samuel 1: The story shared here by the young Amalekite man about Saul’s death doesn’t line up with the explanation of how Saul died in 1 Sam. 30. That’s kinda confusing especially since according to the notes I read, Samuel used to be one big book. Oh well. Anyway, David was really bothered by this news. He ends up killing the messenger, which also threw me off. Then he came up with a song, The Song of the Bow, and ordered everyone in Judah to learn it.

2 Samuel 2: David becomes king of Judah while one of Saul’s sons, Ishbosheth, became king of the rest of Israel. Small parts of their armies met and fought. David’s troops defeated Ishbosheth’s troops. The leader of Ishbosheth’s army, Abner, kills a son of one of David’s leaders and the brother of Joab.

2 Samuel 3: Chapter starts with following statement: “The war between Saul’s house and David’s house was long and drawn out. David kept getting stronger, while Saul’s house kept getting weaker” (CEB Study Bible; 2 Sam. 3.1). We see a division occur between Abner and Ishbosheth, leading to Abner leaving Ishbosheth to join David. Abner declares his loyalty to David and David trusts him. Joab gets angry with this and pursues Abner. Joab killed Abner once he caught up to him. David gets angry and curses Joab and his family for all time because of this act.

2 Corinthians 4: Seems like Paul continues to make his case for why following Christ is the way to go. He tells the people that even when things seem to be going bad, I mean really bad, the people shouldn’t worry because what’s inside of them (the Spirit) because that’s what leads them to eternal glory.

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