10/13 Reading (1 Samuel 19-21; 1 Corinthians 16)

1 Samuel 19: Clearly Saul’s anger and jealousy began to make him crazy because he continues to try to kill David nonstop. Eventually David escapes with the help of his wife (Saul’s daughter) and finds Samuel. Saul sends messengers to arrest David but they are taken over by God’s spirit and go a little crazy (referred to as a prophetic frenzy). Each group of messengers experience this until Saul goes to see David and Samuel himself. Saul also suffers from this and gets naked in front of Samuel.

NOTE: I thought Samuel never saw Saul again, at least according to 1 Sam. 15?

1 Samuel 20: David and Jonathan (Saul’s son), who are very close, talk about Saul’s obsession with killing David. Jonathan initially denies it, which is strange because Saul asked him to kill David personally in chapter 19. So I’m a little confused on this one. Jonathan is determined to prove David wrong, but agrees to “test” Saul a little and see his reaction. David is supposed to dine with the king at the feast associated with the new moon. They agree that David will miss it and Jonathan will say that he is with his own family. If Saul is ok with it, then David is wrong. If Saul gets really angry, then David is right. Well, Saul got angry, so David was right.

1 Samuel 21: Just some general discussion of David running and trying to hide from Saul. He does get the sword of Goliath at his first stop, which is kinda cool.

1 Corinthians 16: Right away the Paul addresses the importance of collecting money for the poor in Jerusalem. It’s just assumed this will happen. Perhaps because they all know it’s the right thing to do. Imagine that! Paul then talks about his hope to come and visit and sends a final greeting to the people. Pretty straight forward chapter.

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