3/5 Reading (Proverbs 4-6; Matthew 2)

Proverbs 4: So I may have to pull back from my view in the first three chapters that when the text referred to a son I argued it could just be children. The reason why is this chapter starts with reference to children. Oops. Anyway, the parents tell the children they need to seek out wisdom first. Then they can get understanding. But they need to focus on seeking out wisdom and then respecting it.

The text shifts back to just talking to a son. In this the father is imploring his son to stay on the path of wisdom and to not be pulled off that path by the wicked. The chapter ends with the father telling the son to be careful of what he says and to protect his mind from corruption.

Dang! I need to send Proverbs to our elected officials.

Proverbs 5: The theme of this chapter is to avoid the mysterious woman. The mysterious woman represents temptation. The temptation to stray off the path of wisdom and instead follow the path of the wicked.

Proverbs 6: This chapter provides several examples of things to avoid: loaning money to a neighbor, laziness when it comes to work, and overall worthless being. I find this next part kinda interesting:

There are six things the lord hates, seven things detestable to him: snobbish eyes, a lying tongue, hands that spill innocent blood, a heart set on wicked plans, feet that run quickly to evil, a false witness who breathes lies, and one who causes conflicts among relatives. (6:16-19)

The main part that stands out to me from those verses is…wait for it…”a lying tongue.

The rest of the chapter focuses on the danger of adultery. Obviously, this is bad, so don’t do it.

Matthew 2: Here comes the magi. Here we see the story of the three magi who bring the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Herod the Great tries to trick the magi in revealing the location of baby Jesus because he feels threatened. Initially they seem to agree, but after they meet Jesus, they choose not to help Herod because they learn in a dream that Herod wants to murder Jesus. An angel warned Joseph of Herod and they fled to Egypt. Herod got angry and murdered all the children in Bethlehem and the surrounding area who were two and under. Scary stuff.

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