1/19 Reading (Nehemiah 13; Philippians 4)

Nehemiah 13: These seems to be a break in the time between the end of chapter 12 and the beginning of this chapter. Nehemiah was in Babylon and when he returned he had to set things back in order because people let things happen that shouldn’t have happened with respect to the temple. He then admonished people for working on the Sabbath. Finally, he had to remind the people not to marry foreign women. Seems like everything almost fell apart while he was gone. Didn’t take long.

Philippians 4: The last chapter of Philippians. In just the first verse he tells the people to “stand firm in the Lord” in their lives. Continue to follow Jesus and do what Jesus did. He then addresses an apparent division between two leaders in Philippian churches. He encourages them to set aside their differences and seek unity. Paul then ends this chapter and the book thanking the people for their financial support of his mission.

1 thought on “1/19 Reading (Nehemiah 13; Philippians 4)

  1. Beth

    I often reflect on how we, our community and each of us as individuals, becomes strong enough that thing don’t fall apart quickly. In recent decades in the Episcopal Church, interimships were a time to engage this issue. In the end, WE have to become the rocks for our faith in the world.



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