An update to the schedule

I decided to make an update to the schedule. I had slowly gotten further and further behind and began to feel more pressure. I reflected on this and realized a very important thing: this is my experience. There is no medal given at the end just because I finished reading the Bible in a year. So what if it takes me longer. The goal of this experience to actually get something out of it. For me to get something out of it. I began to feel so much pressure that I didn’t think I was actually getting something out of it. I say this because it is possible that the schedule could change again in the future. This is a very challenging experience and I want to make sure I learn something. Just in case someone is actually reading this thing, I’ve bolded the line where things changed on the schedule page.

3 thoughts on “An update to the schedule

  1. Elizabeth Hardin

    Ian, I have been reading today’s lessons, reading background on Biblegateway, looking at maps . . . And I agree that it’s better to be richer in this experience than faster. Honor the path. Perhaps the most important thing that we learn is how rich and deep Bible reading is and how worth the effort. (I guess that is why EFM is four years, too.) We are with you! We’ll be the Slow Food movement of BINY!



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