12/7 Reading (2 Chronicles 23-25; Colossians 4)

2 Chronicles 23: This chapter tells of the efforts to overthrow Athaliah as Jehoash starts to grow up. A priest, Jehoiada, takes over and brings together the people to overthrow and ultimately kill the Queen so Jehoash can become king. This effort ultimately proves to be successful and he becomes king at the age of 7.

2 Chronicles 24: Jehoash rules in this chapter. He follows God and does good things while the priest Jehoiada is alive. After he dies, his leaders give him bad advice that leads him to abandon his good ways. He ultimately loses in battle and dies at the hands of his own officials.

2 Chronicles 25: Amaziah, Jehoash’s son, takes over. He starts in the same way as his father in that he follows God and does what is good in his eyes (but not with his heart). Eventually he practices unsanctioned worship, fails to listen to the advice of a prophet who is communicating to him from God, loses in battle, and he was murdered.

Colossians 4: The final chapter is similar to other letters from Paul. He asks for their prayers and reminds them to be good to everyone, including outsiders. If only our current administration could do that. He then ends with a final greeting. According to the notes the language in this greeting indicates that this letter was most likely written around the same time as the letters to the Ephesians and Philemon. Pretty cool!

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