11/18 Reading (1 Chronicles 4-6; Psalms 65-67)

1 Chronicles 4: Now we return to Judah’s line, but instead focus on his other descendants. And now on to another one of Israel’s sons, Simeon.

1 Chronicles 5: This chapter focuses on the lines of Reuben, Gad, and East Manasseh.

1 Chronicles 6: We learn all about Levi’s line (aka the high priests). This is where Moses and Aaron fit in. There’s also reference to the Levitical cities.

Psalm 65: This psalm offers a heap of praise on God, pretty much outlining all of the good and powerful things that he can do.

Psalm 66: Another psalm similar to number 65 in that the writer offers praise to God and his power as well as all the things he has done.

Psalm 67: The focus is on the people thanking God for everything he has done as well as recognizing want he has done for us.

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