10/31 Reading (1 Kings 7-9; 2 Corinthians 12)

1 Kings 7: Lots of detail on the palace Solomon built for himself including the furnishings. Also discussion of the furnishings for the temple.

1 Kings 8: I like this chapter. Solomon has the Ark moved to the new temple and dedicates the temple to God. He says a few prayers, again demonstrating his wisdom. He refers to many different things in the second prayer: “seven different occasions for prayer—sin of an individual (vv. 31–32); defeat in battle (vv. 33–34); drought (vv. 35–36); famine and plagues (vv. 37–40); a foreigner who comes to pray (vv. 41–43); war (vv. 44–45); sin of the people and deportation (vv. 46–51)” (NRSV notes section, p. 503).

I specifically like the part about the immigrant coming in to pray:

41 Listen also to the immigrant who isn’t from your people Israel but who comes from a distant country because of your reputation— 42 because they will hear of your great reputation, your great power, and your outstretched arm. When the immigrant comes and prays toward this temple, 43 then listen from heaven, where you live, and do everything the immigrant asks (CEB version; 1 Kings 8.41-43).

Each time I see anything addresses immigrants I always think of what the US is currently going through with the Trump administration and the push to block immigrants coming from different countries as well as trying to kick out those who are already here. Then you have those same leaders declaring that they are such strong Christians. Um…THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!!!

1 Kings 9: God talks with Solomon again reminding him that as long as he and his descendants follow his rules, then his line will be on the throne forever and Israel will always be there. If not, then he will destroy Israel.

2 Corinthians 12: Paul continuing to explain to people to not listen to the false prophets. He then ends this chapter with discussion of his next trip to Corinth.

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