10/17 Reading (1 Samuel 28-30; 2 Corinthians 2)

1 Samuel 28: The third verse in this chapter is very similar to the first verse in chapter 25, which really threw me for a loop: “Now Samuel had died, and all Israel mourned him and buried him in Ramah, his hometown” (CEB study bible, p. 464 OT; 1 Sam. 28.3).

Now I see why this is here. Saul has a woman who is a medium contact Samuel so Saul can ask for his advice since God no longer answers him. Samuel tells him he is doomed and Saul gets upset. That’s about it.

1 Samuel 29: David is still serving the Philistine King here, this time they are marching into battle against Saul together. However, the Philistine commanders demand the King send David home because they worry it’s a trick. So he does and David leaves.

1 Samuel 30: David returns back to the home he was given in Philistine only to discover that a raiding party had attacked the town and taken all of the family members hostage. David asks God if he should pursue the attackers and God says yes. They pursue and finally catch the attackers. All are destroyed and the family members who were taken hostage were freed.

2 Corinthians 2: We learn in this chapter that someone really upset Paul during his last trip to Corinth. He wrote a separate letter, referred to as the “letter of tears” in the notes where he asked the people to forgive this person who wronged him on his last trip. He then goes on to explain his ministry and why God is with him and not others who are in it for money.

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