8/22 Reading (Numbers 6-8; Acts 13)

Numbers 6: Chapter is all about instructions for people who want to be nazirites. The rules for them are interesting. They are supposed to stay pure while in this position. According to the notes in the CEB study bible (p. 213 OT), “a nazirite is not an ethnic description but a special category for a person who has vowed to perform a sacred duty.” Does this still exist?

Numbers 7: This chapter is all about the various offerings the 12 tribes of Israel made for the dedication of the altar. The wealth from these offerings seemed to be enormous. I still find it interesting that there seems to be so much emphasis on wealth in the Old Testament. If not emphasis then at least offerings given to God that are extremely valuable. Why is that?

Numbers 8: Now we see the consecration of the Levites. They are the ones who help in the meeting tent (tabernacle).

Acts 13: Saul and Barnabas continue to travel and spread the word of God. It’s interesting that the actual text finally indicates that Saul is also Paul and then starts to call him Paul. Just a fun little tidbit. They are challenged along their travels, but they prevail. Paul tells some history of the church in the temple up to Jesus’ resurrection and ascension into heaven. This draws more people and the Jews get angry. Paul tells them they will now work with the Gentiles.

I wish there was more explanation as to why the Jews turn away and get angry. They just seem so quick to anger. I would like to know more. Perhaps more historical context.

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