8/17 Reading (Leviticus 25-26; Acts 10)

Leviticus 25: Chapter is about the sabbatical year (every 7th year) and Jubilee year (every 50th year) and the rules associated with each one. The sabbath year is a special year of rest for the land. In the Jubilee year, people must return to their original homes, slaves must be freed, land must be restored to their original owners, and farmland must not be planted or harvested. What’s interesting here is that God specifically outlines how people must help the poorer people of society. They are supposed to help them so they can survive. AND, the people are not allowed to cheat the poor or charge interest. God specifically tells them they have to be treated as well as they would treat an immigrant or a foreign guest. As I’ve said many times already, I wonder if our elected leaders are aware of this passage?

Something else that’s interesting from the notes is that according to the notes, “there is no record in the Bible or other ancient texts of Israelites actually observing the Jubilee. But the ideal of the Jubilee has stimulated many later attempts to reform society for the better, by example, banning slavery and reducing debts” (CEB Study Bible, p. 194 OT).

Leviticus 26: Titles in the CEB version are covenant blessings, covenant curses, and covenant restoration. The notes indicate this chapter brings together the themes of this book to motivate us to follow the rules and commandments.

Acts 10: Peter converts the first Gentiles to be followers of Christ. One individual, a centaurian, saw a vision of Jesus. He was told to get Peter and he did. This leads to the conversion. I find it interesting that the text specifically refers the circumcised men who came with Peter.

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