7/11 Reading (Genesis 22-24; Luke 7)

I’m tired today. Happy to read, but not much to really share.

Genesis 22: Chapter is about God calling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Now, I realize this was a different time, but if anyone asked me to sacrifice one of my children, I’d go crazy. What I find interesting is that Isaac is obviously old enough to understand that something is going on. Yet, there is no indication that he gets mad with his father after God stops the sacrifice. Then God explains to Abraham that he is going to have more offspring that will spread out in the world.

Genesis 23: Sarah dies in this chapter and Abraham has to bury her. My greatest fear in life is losing my wife or children. I know death is a part of life, but I hope I don’t lose them anytime soon.

Genesis 24: The search for Isaac’s wife, who ends up being Rebekah. I’m pretty sure how Rebekah is found and chosen is similar to how cultures with arranged marriages do things. The notes don’t shed much light on this chapter.

Luke 7: This chapter is about more of Jesus’ good deeds to different people in society. First, at times I find it hard to remember what occurred in the previous chapter. The last two days I’ve had to skim the previous chapter of Luke to remember what happened. Jesus heals a lot of people in this chapter. First the centurion’s slave. Then he raises the man from the dead. And then he forgives the woman in the Pharisee’s house of her sins after she washes and anoints his feet. Also in this chapter John the Baptist has one of his followers check up on Jesus to see if he really is the son of God. I’m not entirely sure where this will lead. I can guess, but I hope John the Baptist comes up again.

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