7/6 Reading (Genesis 10-12; Luke 4)

Genesis 10: Chapter is all about Noah’s descendants and where they lived. His son’s and their descendants moved to different parts of the Middle East. Based on what’s written here, it seems like they each had their own language. The descriptions of each son ends with “These are the descendants of Japheth in their lands, with their own language, by their families, in their nations” (10.5). 10.20 is similar except it is about Ham. 10.31 is about Shem. These verses definitely make it sound like each group has their own language. More on this in the next chapter.

Genesis 11: Three main thoughts from this chapter. First, it starts with the Tower of Babel. 11.1 states “Now the whole earth had one language and the same words.” This seems to contradict statements from chapter 10. Second, when God decides to stop the construction of the Tower of Babel, he says “let us go down” (11.7). Another reference to ‘us.’ Third, there’s overlap again with a detailed discussion of Shem and his descendants. I noticed how pretty much all of the descendants lived more than 120 years. This seems to contradict Genesis 6.3 when God said that people wouldn’t live longer than 120 years. It ends with the introduction to Abram (Abraham).

Genesis 12: Abraham starts his journey with Sarai and Lot. He sets up alters and camp on his way. He then has Sarai tell the Pharaoh that she is his sister, not his wife, when they get to Egypt. That doesn’t go very well for Pharaoh because God cursed him. Pharaoh sent them on their way once he figured out Sarai was Abraham’s wife. Not really much more to say on this. I expect that sometimes my reflections will just be summaries. 

Luke 4: Story of Jesus and the forty days fasting. I don’t think I ever knew how the devil tested Jesus during this time. All I kept thinking was that the devil was trying to get Jesus to take the easy way out instead of working hard for something. This seems to be a constant struggle for everyone. At least it is for me. It was interesting to read about the healings he did in different parts of the land. I also never realized how some of the people of Nazareth got angry at Jesus because he didn’t do everything they asked for. As with my thoughts for Luke 3, Jesus was all about helping those less fortunate. You could even call him a socialist. I wonder how that would go over with some people.

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