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1/31 Reading (Job 16-18; Titus 2)

Job 16: Job responds to Eliphaz in a pretty mean way. He admonishes his three friends for how they are treating him during this tough time. He actually calls them “sorry comforters” (16:2). Yikes! He tells them that if the roles were reversed, he would focus on trying to comfort them and give them strength instead of tearing them down.

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1/30 Reading (Job 13-15; Titus 1)

Job 13: Job starts this chapter with a declaration that he knows everything his friends know and instead wants “to speak to the Almighty; I would gladly present my case to God” (13:3). And ouch…Job flat out tells his friends that they are “plasterers of lies; ineffective healers” (13:4). He urges them to stop talking and actually listen to his arguments. He tells them that they clearly are biased against him. He then presents a compelling argument about his desire to directly speak to God:

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