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3/6 Reading (Proverbs 7-9; Matthew 3)

Proverbs 7: This chapter continues the theme from the previous chapter which was to avoid dangerous and cunning women. The father encourages the son to rely on wisdom and understanding in order to avoid people like this. The father then tells what happened to a man who didn’t do this and was seduced by a married woman. Apparently the man died.

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3/5 Reading (Proverbs 4-6; Matthew 2)

Proverbs 4: So I may have to pull back from my view in the first three chapters that when the text referred to a son I argued it could just be children. The reason why is this chapter starts with reference to children. Oops. Anyway, the parents tell the children they need to seek out wisdom first. Then they can get understanding. But they need to focus on seeking out wisdom and then respecting it.

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3/3 Reading (Proverbs 1-3; Psalm 89)

To anyone reading this, if you don’t have a study bible, get one! I recommend either the CEB study bible or the NRSV study bible. Both are very interesting.

Introduction to Proverbs: The CEB study bible has a nice introduction to Proverbs. I especially like part of it. Instead of rewriting the whole part, I’m just going to include a screenshot below (p. 1006 OT):

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3/1 Reading (Job 37-39; Matthew 1)

Job 37: The theme from the end of the last chapter continues here. Elihu continues to describe God’s power and control over natural events. Most of the events are focused on weather related disasters. His point here is that he wants to emphasize that God is a powerful being who controls everything. Elihu ends his speech telling Job that God is pretty much too busy to listen to him specifically.

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