Bible Reflection

NOTE: Go here to read my reflections.

The purpose of this effort is to read the Bible in one year. My goal is to write about my experience each day. I will use that space to reflect on what I read. I will also pose questions that I can hopefully answer at a later date. While reading the Bible I will also continue to read other books and resources on science and religion and hope to include some of that in my writing. Finally, I plan to post my thoughts once a week. Of course, if someone reads what I put and wants to share their thoughts, I’ll be happy to read it and start a dialogue.

If you know me personally, you will most likely understand that whenever I post anything it is to share my thoughts and to better understand the Bible. My goal is not be critical of the Bible. My goal is to understand the Bible. I will emphasize questions that I have while reading something. These questions may be silly to you or the answers may seem obvious. I’m telling you this because I want everyone to know that if something you read bothers you or you wonder why I emphasize a specific question, just let me know. Please try not to take anything I write as a direct attack on you or your beliefs.

Some questions I seek to answer (NOTE: I anticipate this list changing/growing):

  1. What is the meaning of the reading?
  2. What were the goals of the author(s)?
  3. How do the readings relate to other texts?
  4. What was the purpose of the Bible historically?
  5. What’s the context of each book?