11/10 Reading (2 Kings 10-12; Romans 1)

2 Kings 10: Jehu continues his violent ways and kills Ahab’s family, cementing his rule over Israel. He then kills Baal worshippers, this eliminating Baal from Israel. However, he continues in evil ways and continues to sin against God. We continue to see the downfall of Israel.

2 Kings 11: Queen Athaliah takes over Judah after her son, Ahaziah, was killed by Jehu. She destroyed the entire royal family, but didn’t kill one of her grandsons, Jehoash, because he was hidden from her. He later kills her and takes over as king of Judah.

2 Kings 12: Jehoash does some good things according to God, but still does many bad things. He also sends much of the wealth to an invading king in order to stop him from taking Jerusalem.

Introduction to Romans: The introduction in the CEB study bible sets a high bar:

Paul’s letter to the early Christian believers in Rome is surely the most significant letter in the history of Christianity. It’s also quite possibly the most influential letter in all of human history. The impact of the book of Romans on Christian belief, behavior, spirituality, and worship has been profound. It’s also been important for relations among Christians, as well as relations between Christians and Jews. Romans has ignited movement with far-reaching implications for the Christian church, for culture, and even for politics. As the longest of Paul’s letters, it’s the bridge between the stories about Paul in Acts and the rest of Paul’s letters. For many people, therefore, Romans has become the guide to interpreting Paul’s letters as a whole. (CEB Study Bible, p. 275 NT)

Now I’m definitely intrigued.

Romans 1: Paul sets the scene, making it clear that humanity has turned away from God and sinned. Paul lists a bunch of different things humans have done. Not good.

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