11/6 Reading (1 Kings 22; Galatians 3)

1 Kings 22: Ahab meets Judah’s king Jehoshaphat. Ahab goes to war again with Aram, but this time God is not on his side and he loses, dying in battle. We then learn about how long Jehoshaphat rules Judah and how long Ahad’s son, Ahaziah, rules Israel.

Jehoshaphat tries to do good in God’s favor and Ahaziah pretty much doesn’t care, choosing to do what his father did instead of listening to God.

Galatians 3: Paul presents his argument for why following the Law isn’t necessary. He uses scripture from the OT to back up his argument, making it clear that the Law was like a curse and the one that removed that curse for us was Jesus Christ. Paul makes it clear that the purpose of the law was because of the offenses at the time of Moses. The law would stay until a true descendant came. That descendant was Jesus and now that Jesus has come, we are no longer under the Law. Thus, we are all heirs to God’s promise to Abraham because we believe the way Abraham did.

Yeah, this confuses me a bit, but I’ll go with it.

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