8/25 Reading (Numbers 15-17; Acts 16)

I’m noticing some subtle changes in my attitude from time to time. There are times where I feel more at peace than before. Almost more spiritual than before. I also find that there are times where I don’t feel like reflecting or writing anything. Instead I just want to read. This has been one of those weeks.

Numbers 15: Several rules are shared again here. We learn what people have to offer when they accidentally sin, what type of punishment they must endure when they intentionally sin (cut off from the people), and instructions for how to treat someone who works on the sabbath (spoiler alert, the person is stoned to death). Pretty gruesome.

Numbers 16: Some of the Levites challenge Moses and Aaron. Another spoiler alert…they all die. God opens up the ground and all of the men and their families die. Again, pretty gruesome.

Numbers 17: I don’t really get this chapter. Just going to move on from it.

Acts 16: More expansion of the church by Paul and Silas now. I noticed a sudden shift from third person to first person narrative in verse 10. The notes from the NRSV version refer to this as the “we” passages. It’s pretty interesting. Paula and Silas are arrested for the first time in this chapter.

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