8/23 Reading (Numbers 9-11; Acts 14)

I noticed something the other day during the eclipse. It was also something else that I experienced during a funeral recently. I’m starting to feel more spiritual. I can’t really explain it, but I’ll try. I have always been good at distinguishing science and religion and that’s not changing. The thing that is changing is that I’m feel that I’m able to appreciate things in a different way than I could before. I’m having a hard time putting into words that make sense, so I’ll have to come back to this throughout the process. Let me share a picture from the eclipse, that should help:


As I look at this image I recognize the natural beauty here. The clouds surrounding the sun are amazing. I know the scientific reasons for this phenomena. And I appreciate what is in the picture. That wouldn’t change. There is just a feeling I had when I experienced the eclipse the other day. It’s something different. I just can’t explain it. Perhaps this is me saying that what I saw and what was captured by the image represents a spiritual experience for me. And now I’m just rambling.

Numbers 9: Time of what I think was the first Passover after leaving Egypt, but I have to check on this. Not a big deal either way. I do like that the text addresses that the unclean are able to participate in Passover. I also find it interesting that people who don’t participate in Passover are cast out and cut off from the people. The second part of this chapter reintroduces the cloud that protects the tabernacle during their travels. This is the same cloud that covered their escape from Egypt. The cloud represents God. The cloud dictated when they would continue on their trip to Canaan.

Numbers 10: So I never really thought about where the idea of using horns with armies came from. I don’t know if other cultures used horns as a form of communication during battle, but I find it fascinating that God had Moses build two trumpets and gave him instructions on how to use them to communicate with everyone. Next we learn about the organization of the march and they get under way.

Numbers 11: Another instance of God getting angry pretty quickly. It makes me think back to what he said to Moses in Exodus about how he isn’t quick to anger. Yet, we see in this chapter that he burned people when they complained. Moses pretty much confronts God and God helps them.

Acts 14: More discussion of the growth of the church. It’s interesting that Paul, the former Saul, is stoned. The people think that he is dead, but he survives, recovers, and continues his efforts to spread the Gospel.

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