8/19 Reading (Numbers 1-3; Psalms 22-24)

Reading this introduction made me think about how much I’m writing during this process. I’m noticing that during times when I’m busy with other things I start to feel bad or guilty when I don’t write much. It becomes a burden, and it shouldn’t be that way. I will continue to write about what I read and sometimes it will be just a summary of what I read that day. But I think it will help me continue through this journey. Because this is tough stuff.

Introduction to Numbers: I honestly don’t have much thought on this introduction. I’m just glad I’m moving on to Numbers.

Numbers 1: God has Moses take a census of the tribes to put together an army before they continue their march to the promised land. They are preparing for battle.

Numbers 2: This chapter just explains the positioning of the different tribes around the tabernacle. Very detailed and specific.

Numbers 3: There’s a lot of talk about the Levites in this chapter. They are the ones who aren’t chosen as soldiers. Instead they surround the tabernacle. This chapter is a census of them since it didn’t happen in chapter 1. I’m still not quite certain what will happen with them.

Psalm 22: To me this psalm is about seeking help and protection from God. The psalmist seems almost afraid that they are about to die and he/she is asking God for protection. The psalmist is actually tormented by his/her enemies. At the end the psalmist heaps praise on God, almost like buttering him up.

Psalm 23: I recognized this one right away from many different times at church. It is the one that starts with “the lord is my shepherd…” Such a beautiful psalm. To me this means what life will be like with God at my side. Life will be good if I allow God to be at my side, even during the dark times.

Psalm 24: Beautiful psalm, but a little confusing…I think. It seems like this one is talking about who is worthy to be with God. “Those who have clean hands and pure hearts, who do not lift up their souls to what is false, and do not swear deceitfully” (Psalm 24.4). To me it seems like this psalm is saying if you are able to live this way and you are willing to let God in your life, then you will be surrounded by others who are like minded and you will be ok.

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